• Mike McDaniel unbothered by Preston Williams' complaint about lack of opportunity

    15 days ago - By Pro Football Talk

    Dolphins receiver Preston Williams doesn't seem particularly happy with his role, tweeting “just want opportunity” on Monday night. In response, Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel doesn't seem bothered by Preston's complaint. “The most pressing needs of the football team, I don't necessarily see within social media, so I don't prioritize that necessarily,” McDaniel said. Williams, though,
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  • Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel laments missing 'Yeezy Day'

    Dolphins coach Mike McDaniel laments missing 'Yeezy Day'

    15 days ago - By ESPN

    The new coach in Miami is a sneaker head. But training camp has gotten in the way of an annual holiday for those looking to land the latest edition of the Kanye West-designed shoes.
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