• LeBron has yet to commit to an extension with Lakers | FIRST THINGS FIRST

    13 days ago - By Fox Sports

    LeBron James is approaching extension negotiations with Los Angeles, and after a disappointing end to the season last year, many are wondering whether the NBA star will be willing to tie his future to the Lakers. Nick Wright believes LeBron should think twice before signing the extension. Watch as he reveals what LeBron could be giving up if he commits to Los Angeles.
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  • Kevin Durant, LeBron James situations remind us that in NBA, anticipation is often more thrilling than reality

    13 days ago - By CBSSports

    We don't know where KD and LeBron will ultimately end up, so let's savor the suspense while we can
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  • LeBron James Becomes Extension-Eligible

    LeBron James Becomes Extension-Eligible

    13 days ago - By Hoops Rumors

    Superstar forward LeBron James is now officially eligible to sign a veteran contract extension with the Lakers .
    James last signed an extension with the Lakers on December 3, 2020 , adding two years to the one remaining on his deal at the time. That contract will expire at the end of the 2022/23 season.
    Typically, a player who signs an extension that keeps him under contract for three or four seasons (when accounting for both his current contract and his extension) becomes extension-eligible again two years after his signing date. However, James' eligibility window opens on August 4...
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  • Family at heart of decision for LeBron on Lakers' contract extension

    13 days ago - By ProBasketballTalk

    LeBron posted a video of him dunking with his sons at the Lakers' facility yesterday. Is that a guy looking to bolt L.A.?
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  • Jalen Rose on LeBron James: Lakers 'Know He Ain't Leaving Now' amid Contract Rumors

    13 days ago - By Bleacher Report

    Former NBA forward Jalen Rose is confident LeBron James will sign a contract extension with the Los
    Angeles Lakers for reasons beyond basketball. Rose...
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  • Lakers and LeBron James can begin contract-extension talks

    13 days ago - By Los Angeles Times

    Lakers star LeBron James is eligible for a two-year contract extension starting Thursday. Will he seek the maximum or give L.A. a more favorable deal?
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